Burning Bush Gardening

promises its reader

“to find and keep an Endless Happiness, a secular, tatami-free variation of the nirvana.

Written in the first person, the ambiguous English grammar does not indicate clearly if its author, E.P. Hegowan, is a man or a woman.

An introduction, oddly placed toward the end of the book, reveals that Hegowan’smost outstanding credential is to have been thrown into an Extraordinary Garden, and chastised (sic)by a few illustrious philosophers, poets, novelists, mystics, but also by a samurai, a statue, the likes of Johannes Kepler, Ruby Payne-Scott and, apparently, one future Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics.

Through eighty-two short chapters, consciousness is observed, and therefore automatically transformed, which can complicate that observation.

Acknowledging that its guide cannot be complete without the active participation of the reader, the writer proposes total co-authorship to whoever finds a little more inner peace and joy after perfecting

Burning Bush Gardening.




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allows the Reader to acquire a contemporary Philosopher’s Stone

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The rest of the site shows some variations on the same topic:

How to transmute a mortal existence often filled with some ups and too often many downs... into an astounding life?

Below are some books of uneven quality, but they mean well.

Betty's Bad Times Stories

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is available in a Kindle Version at Amazon.com

The main narrator of The Physics of Particulars is sent to exile in a strange Village, built around a mysterious character who seemed to be deeply revered by all the other inhabitants.

Quite disoriented at first, our essentially skeptical hero is confronted to misunderstanding, solitude, sickness, jealousy and others common vagaries we must all encounter sooner or later, anywhere on this Earth.

Little by little, he meets a few remarkable personalities who are going to transform him radically into… not a zombie, not an extremist, but into a philosopher!

Now, it is true that in this 21st Century, zombies and extremists have a better reputation than philosophers.

However, and to paraphrase the poet Novalis, it is unfortunate that "philosophy bears a specific name and that philosophers are considered members of a special circle, while it is not something separated from life, and absolutely not a specialty, but the very path of the human mind, its very own way of behaving."

(“Aren't all men dreaming and inventing their existence, every minute of their days?”)

The Physics of Particulars dives with unadulterated delight in all aspects of knowledge accessible to us, from Lao-tzu, Master Eckhart, Ibn Arabi, the Pre-Socratics to the very popular neurosciences and… the Physics of Particles, of course!

Do not be fooled by the title, a mere consequence of the author not being able to resist an easy pun, and unaware the title could be read as some horror story, or a compilation of awkward complains composed by some forlorn Betty.
On the contrary
, "Betty's Bad Times Storiesis actually a rather optimistic book, dabbing in ancient and contemporary tales, and classical philosophy.
Its subtitle is a more positive sounding

"Forgotten Healing Tales".

The reader should also have a look at BEYOND, a work in progress.

It provides food for thoughts, curiously harvested in all scientific and literary fields..