"Who spoke of (what is) Beyond-words never spoke


Many authors sighed the previous sentence. Personally, I found it first pronounced by Chouang-tsu.

Others, like Henri Bergson and Vladimir Jankélévitch, comment: 

At this point, there is something simple, infinitely simple, so extraordinarily simple that the philosopher could never say what is was. That is why, all his life, he never stopped talking


This site tackles, after billions of texts written on this topic, this extraordinarily simple consciousness, set Beyond-words.

Is it a new approach? Of course, nothing is new in a field that has been discussed for milleniums. However, for one reader, it may seem new, because these concepts may be novel to him or to her.



What is there to do, during a lifetime?

Live, ask many questions and leave the answers you have found for others to find in them some shortcuts?

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